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Education and Resources

Tree Term

Risk assessment - The determination of a potential for a tree to cause damage or injury

Safety Tips

Street Trees - Although the city usually plants these trees and they are on city easement property the homeowner is liable for the tree. Yes the city will cut it back for the street but if it were to break and fall on a car, person, or building then the homeowner or there insurance can be held liable.  The other Thing people do not think about is low hanging branches; if these branches were to injure some one example poking them in the eye the home owner can be held responsible.  Bottom line yes it is a street tree but it is still a homeowners responsibility to make sure the tree is safe and properly trimmed.

Wires - Any wire not just electrical wires can carry a current.  Do not try to trim branches or trees touching any overhead wire.  Have the professionals do it.

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