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North Eastern Tree Company (NETCO) is owned and operated by David Buzard.  Dave spent 5 years in California as a Tree and Landscape manager, is a certified Arborist through ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), and also has a degree from Temple University in Horticulture.

North Eastern Tree Company was started on a basis of love for trees.  Every tree has a story and every tree when possible should be given an opportunity to thrive.  Monitoring, proper and timely trimming, and correct species selection when planting as well as correct planting methods can all aid in the longevity of a tree.  Currently NETCO is utilizing low impact methods for trimming and removals by climbing, with ropes and harnesses while not using a boom trucks. Using chainsaws less and utilizing pruning saws, loppers, pole pruners, and hand pruners to do a majority of the tree work.   The hope is to be competitive with the large companies while doing quality tree work and management yet still be eco-friendly as possible.

    North Eastern Tree Company, although based out of Syracuse NY, will service areas in northern and western Pennsylvania as well as all of the state of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and parts of Massachusetts.

    We hope at North Eastern Tree Company we can tailor to any budget to help implement a long term tree care program so that you can be in control of your trees and always enjoy them.